Question 1: How much hate mail do you get by virtue of expressing yourself and your convictions?

Question 2: How much hate mail should you get by virtue of expressing yourself and your convictions?

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  • Shut up and listen
  • Ask me, don’t tell me
  • Prepare to be wrong
  • Call fellow men out on problematic behaviour
  • Never dismiss the lived experiences of women
  • Do not attempt to take a leadership role

Why feminism is harmful when it becomes less about women’s rights and more about getting revenge on men:

Astute ladies, I urge you not to give in to the ubiquitous sense of inferiority (I said “sense of”!) that tells you that you must punish all men or every evil done to you is justified. That will cripple your cause.

I understand that with the way things are, especially in the world of Hollywood, it can be nigh impossible to acquire the respect due to you. I also understand that, as a male, I am the least qualified to speak on these matters.

But I would warn you that going on the offensive will hurt your quest for the rights and respect you deserve. It will vanish right out of your hands.

Be the witty, bold, peaceful resistance that answers calmly with truth that cuts through flesh and to the very bone, that silences the foolish in their folly. Be the queens of your earth, peaceful but fierce with ideas and passions.

The human experience is not always a pleasant one. Together we can help each other subdue the pain and evil in the world by stifling disrespect, by educating the foolish, by pointing out carelessness for others to learn from, and above all, this:

That we spread the qualities we desperately want from others firstly out from ourselves. Generating and perpetuating thoughtlessness, resentment, and disrespect will kill any cause, no matter how justified.

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don’t screw up by redheadsoldier

don’t screw up by redheadsoldier

He’s a cop over the edge. Link

Aw, such a dangewous kitty. :3

Thoughts on Attack on Titan: Metaphors and Faces

My brain is electrified after watching all the released English dubs of Attack on Titan. The metaphors are an astounding reflection of not only Japanese culture, but to humanity at large. I felt like a little boy, punching the air along with Titan Eren as I quite metaphorically smashed humanity’s giant struggles in the face until it metaphorically had no face.

Incidentally, this show is not for children.