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1-Chaiten in Chile

2-Chaiten in Chile

3-Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland

4-Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland

5-Chaiten in Chile

6-Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland

7-Puyehue in Santiago, Chile

8-Kilauea in Hawaii

9-Shinmoedake in Japan


10-Mordor, I believe.

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A hacker-based electronic sound for the elite.

A short DnB track of my favorite hacking game, Uplink, by Introversion Software.

So Introversion Software Just Tweeted My Song


And publicly shamed me for not making more of it.

I am mad pumped about this, guys. You have no idea!

You can find the song, based on their game Uplink, here.

For those who may not know, Uplink is a hacking game made by these guys, and as a teenager I would play this thing for hours. I loved how even though there weren’t any fancy “gwaphics,” the game was very much intense and a blast to play, and even holds its own against the triple-A games of today.

I won’t go through a complete review, but suffice to say this game is definitely worth owning. 

Introversion’s Uplink:

Uplink on Steam:

Motive 3

A character’s motive doesn’t necessarily need to make logical sense, but it must make sense emotionally.

Motive 2

If a main character’s motive is revealed in the first act, then show us how that motive gets them into trouble in the second act.

Motive 1

Delay the disclosure of a character’s motive to somewhere beyond the first act to build intrigue (great for protagonists in revenge stories or antagonists in general), or let the audience in on the secret early to build a sense of intimacy between them and the character.